Interview with Maria Svensson Wiklander


Why Tedx?
Tedx is an established brand. A known and loved conference concept. It helps to spread the word and to find sponsors. Östersund feels like a perfect place to host a Tedx. We have a passion for the region, a drive to develop it and an urge to listen to others and always strive to be and do better.
We have to stay on top of things if we want to be competitive, to be a place for all the amazing people who choose to live here.

Tell us about the event

We have made research on other Tedx events around the world to see how they did and what we can use for our event to find the best solution for us. Hopefully we can inspire other Tedx places as well.

There is a one day event. It will be hosted on a Saturday, in order for people to go and not need to skip work.
We will start at 9 a.m. and have approx. 18 speakers and performers during the day.
We’ll only release 50 tickets. There will be an additional 50 people that will be sent a personal invite. This is to, hopefully, get a very curious and engaged audience and is designed to be a dynamic mix.

One other important thing is that we try to keep the tickets fairly cheap, so that the price won’t be a reason not to participate. We’ll record everything on video and will distribute them on our own network channels through Tedx official YouTube channel.

Why we do this?

The rural is important for us and we want to show that there are lots of things happening. We made a manifest to describe the very core;
”#WhereIcomefrom, true enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, motivated and committed people have chosen a life in Sweden’s rural areas. We call this place home. We are part of an emerging future and we want to showcase that future to the world. We are the ones chasing the freedom to choose where we want to live and work. We embrace change and innovation with an open mind and we are the game changers who are here to stay.”
Our speakers are both local, national and international. This is to get local and outside inspiration and to spread the word as far as possible.

Who is it for?

We want the whole world to know we exist. We want the local people and companies to know what it’s all about and to help us grow and develop and hopefully make this a recurring event. We also want to show everyone the possibilities and the positives by living and working here.

How is it done?

We are about 30-40 active engaged people that have great competence and capacity in different areas. There is no expressed leader, we all take our own responsibilities in our own tasks, but of course, there are always people to turn to and discuss when needed. There is no micromanagement which keeps the motivation and commitment high. Me myself is only a small part of this, we make it happen together.
Everyone is working on voluntary basis. This is a non-profit event. There are companies and organizations that sponsors with all kind of things and support, it would be impossible without them.

How’s the feeling, one month before the event?

It feels amazing! There are things happening everywhere. Everything is coming together. ”Vi ba gört!”


That there will be an appreciated and wide spread event and that big parts of the city and region gets to see it and know what it is in order to make it an annual event.


What’s the worst thing that can happen? (hopefully I don’t need to move…)

Why do you want to live i Östersund?

Because of all the engaged people that are committed in making this happen. It’s incredibly inspiring and motivating. There is so much creativity and drive in this city. A place and culture that is saying that anything is possible.
And of course, the mountains.

Favourite spot in Jämtland?

The advantage of living in Jämtland is that you can always go skiing where there are the best conditions and most snow at the moment. On top of my mind, I would say, I really like Sylmassivet.

What not to miss at TedxÖstersund?

The ones responsible for booking the speakers have made a solid work and there is a great variation of speakers and topics. Some of the ones I’m very interested in is Ashkan Fardost and of course, our own Fia Gullriksson.

Do you want to recommend anything (in general)?

People should go swimming more often! It’s relaxing.

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