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Frida Södermark

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1. Who are you?

I am an ultrarunner that discovered the passion for running only eight years ago. Since then I have been running all over the world and also become an national champion. last year I was selected to represent Sweden in the world championship for distances over 100 km. I achieved that without giving up other qualities in life.

2. What are you passionate about?

To inspire other people how they can change their life and get more energy. Everybody has something they are good at making or are dreaming of doing.

3. Why are you running?

I am running because it is the best way to move and I love it. Nothing is better than a runners high. I don’t have a car. I run or take the bike to places. If you live like that it gives you time to do many other things except for training. And those things gives me energy and motivates me to go through all the hard training that is needed to be a top runner.

4. What inspires you?

People that dare going their own way. People that do things – not only talk about wanting to do them. People that goes all in and are dedicated to something. I like geeks. They are cool.

5. What are you thinking of when you are doing those long runs?

Doing those runs gives me time to think. Time that I need. It is a kind of therapy. My life is booming and while running I get time to reflect and make new plans. For instance to figure out a new running adventure, and when one crosses my mind I make sure it will happen. Sometimes I listen to the radio. I have a good mix of music and it also feeds me news reports which is good so that I have a clue of what is happening in the world since I don’t watch television. While competing there is no need for other things in my mind than watching the audience, the nature or count and put down the 100 km in smaller parts so that it is easier to push myself harder.

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