Nicklas Bergh

Niklas Bergh

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Niklas is a innovator from the small town of Falun, who makes a living making complicated information more understandable and enjoyable and never boring. He’s one of the founders of Zound Industries and is based in Stockholm.

1. Which one of your super powers would you never give away, and why?

Few people have carried out such flawless self-deception around the fact that they are going bald.

2. Which animals in the forest are you? Why?

I am terribly afraid of animals. For a long while I didn’t even eat them out of fear for them rising up and demanding revenge. Hence, the animal I am is a scared, naked little human boy running for his life in search of security and civilization.

3. here is the line between creativity and curiosity?

That might just be the last white spot on the map.

4. What affects you?

Since becoming a father I am moved by the simplest of things. It is humiliating at times, a grown man should not choke up that easily. At least not where I am from.

5. Do you have a bucket list? Whats number 1 on it?

I really need to write a book and get that out of the way very soon. That and suddenly realizing I am a fantastically talented songwriter and musician, which results in one fantastic album that lives way past my own death. Not to forget, becoming a curious old man somewhere weird and finishing the 90km ski race Vasaloppet, which I have yet to do. That should sum up the first spot. I use a very wide paper for bucket lists.

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