Performance: EChO

EChO – Angelika Lindahl and Jenny Michanek

1. What is EChO?

EChO is a Sweden-based music project with inspiring and challenging songs and words about a sustainable world. We are all individuals, but we are also part of a larger context, a global world, on which we have influence and which has influence on us. What is sustainable? What is our role in all of this?

2. What is the aim of EChO?

We basically have three aims with our project. First we want to show others examples of how mankind is behaving today, broadly. Secondly we share fact-based knowledge about how things are in the world. And thirdly we aim to inspire people to make simple changes. We can all do something different, however small, to change things for the better. We want to show others that there is a meaning, a value, in thinking globally but acting locally.

3. What is the idea behind EChO?

The major idea is to convey an important meassage and to do so in several different ways: through stories, anecdotes, facts, sound effects and visual effects; but foremost through music. Some of the songs are written by Michanek, the rest are more or less famous songs arranged by us for different combinations of voices and instruments.

4. Who are the persons behind EChO?

Angelika Lindahl is a singer and university lecturer at Mid Sweden University. Jenny Michanek is a Swedish singer, musician and composer moving in many different genres. Apart from sharing music as a passion and occupation, we also share a passion for environmental issues and issues concerning social global justice. In EChO, we combine all of this.

At TEDxÖstersund EChO performed “Beds are burning” by Midnight Oil and ”Change” composed by Jenny Michanek.

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