Performance: Martin Johansson

Martin Johansson has worked as an actor, producer and director in theater for the last ten years. He was educated at the University of Lund, Malmö Theatre Academy,  the Community College of Öland and Fridhem and at Forum Ystad. Previous employers and partners are Kalmar County Theatre ”Byteatern”, Theatre Terrier, Jamtli and the Riksteatern (The national theatre) Martin is now the artistic director at Jämtlands Kulturkompani.

Since he moved back to Jämtland in 2011, Martin has mainly directed shows, including ”Strindberg, Strindberg (och så vi)” (Strindberg, Strindberg (and we), “Fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter” (Five ants are more than four elephants) and his latest show ”Jultid i nutid” (Christmas time in the present). Martin has for the last few years also been responsible for numerous amateur theater projects and has been acting in for example the family show ”Du stackars barn” (You poor child).

Martin has received the Allan Edwalls Scholarship (2001), Jämtland County Council’s Cultural Award (2007) and Östersund Municipality Culture Scholarship (2013). Martin is currently writing a musical based on the artist Annika Norlin Music and is preparing for several future projects.


Where I come from people take care of each other
Where I come from people are friendly

Where I come from people are shovelling snow off their neighbours driveways
Where I come from people can´t understand the kindness that neighbours show

Where I come from the storefronts in county towns are empty
Where I come from people build bowling alleys and sport arenas instead.

Where I come from the trees speak louder than the people
Where I come from people understand each other anyway

Where I come from people are starting to hate more and more
Where I come from people who are starting to hate more and more frightens me

Where I come from people in the countryside gather to make cabarets
Where I come from people gather in groups just to enjoy each other’s company

Where I come from people make good cheese
Where I come from people like to eat good cheese

Where I come from. Where I.


Where I am born
Where I live
Where I lost myself
Where I re-invented myself

Where I wanted to leave as soon as quickly at the age of twenty
Where I now want to inspire people in the twenties not to vanish for good.

Where I work with culture on the countryside
Where I don´t have to work full time in order to survive

Where I don´t have to move myself in rush hours
Where I walk to my office every day.

Where I think something big is about to happen
Where I am longing when I´m abroad

Where I have met so many people that think like me
Where I can pet a moose.

Where I. Where.


Where you no longer see the virgin forests
Where the woods are devastated by forestry machinery

Where the rivers create electricity in abound
Where the money from the power plants lands somewhere else

Where people skates on ice in a winter park.
Where the ice breaks earlier and earlier

Where developers want to build new slopes where the eagles build their nests
Where people with love to animals stop those plans

Where politician says: it is fun when something happens here.
Where the bluish ice is slowly singing

Where the national newspapers writes strange columns about us
Where the people here reacts on strange columns written about us.

Where the colours have more clarity than anywhere else
Where you get time to live.

Jämtland is where it is closer to your dreams.
Jämtland is where I come from

Lyrics and performance: Martin Johansson

With inspiration from: Annika Norlin, Yvonne Flodin, Björn Barr, Ann-Sofie Andersson, Jenny Sandström, Ida Norlén, Emma Arnesson and Pernilla Axerup.

Music by: Klabbes bank »
Song: ”Jämtland”
Composer: Klas-Henrik Hörngren

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