Robert Pettersson

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Robert Pettersson was born and raised on the outer perimeter of the known world in northern Sweden. He works as Associate Professor in Tourism Studies and is head of the External Relations Office at the Mid Sweden University. His research focuses events, indigenous tourism, trends in tourism, travel patterns and tourism as a driving force in regional development.

1. So, are you excited to be a speaker at TEDx?

Yes, excited but also humble. I think about this as an excellent opportunity to popularize and spread some reflections from a researcher’s perspective. I’m attracted by the stage and the TEDx concept.

2. Why did you choose tourism as your field of study?

I’m interested in the challenges that sparsely populated areas meet. Tourism is often described as a savior in these areas, and I wanted to find out whether rural tourism means  a curse or blessing for the people, the area and the regional development.

3. Finally, if you had the opportunity to visit one, and only one, more destination in your life; where would you go and why?

I must say Vemdalen in the Swedish mountain area where my family and I have bought a cabin. For me, that place means spending time with family and friends. That’s important for me and I would say that social interaction it is one of the most important driving forces in the future tourism development.

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